Rules & Regulations

1. Membership

1. Membership is open to any person over 18 years and on payment of the appropriate fee. (Junior membership – at least one parent/guardian should be a member of the club and remain on site during all club sessions.)
1.1 Applicants logging on to LCP Forum will be treated as showing a “notice of Interest” and will be treated as a provisional member until such times as a membership form is received along with the appropriate fee. After a reasonable period, if contact is not made with the club then they will be removed from the site by the Moderator. Provisional members are not to use the site to organise any trips or peer paddles.
1.2 The Committee reserves the right to terminate or to suspend membership at anytime for breach of the club rules and/or gross misconduct.
1.3 All members and provisional members must abide by club rules and regulations.
1.4 In joining the club members must acknowledge that canoeing in its various forms can carry an element of risk and the club accepts no responsibility for injury or loss of life to members in pursuit of the sport. The principle of “Volenti Non Fit Injuria” applies.

2. Paddling

2.1 An absolute minimum of 3 paddlers at anytime and anywhere.
2.2 Coaches will assess the water levels and environment features at Coach led events at Glenmore Activity Centre. The decision of the Coaches present on the day is FINAL. A rule of thumb for Glenmore will be not to coach beginners if the river level is above the bottom jetty.
2.3 Club equipment will only be used when a coach is present or for use in a CANI run event. Any members wishing to access the canoe store or container will sign for the keys at Glenmore reception stating in the book the reason why they required the keys.
2.4 Members using their own equipment will ensure that it is maintained to a standard fit for its intended use and does not become a liability to themselves or others. The club will not be responsible for damage or loss of members’ equipment whilst participating in a club event.
2.5 Members are reminded of the need to exercise discretion when changing in public. Any breach will be regarded as bringing the sport of canoeing into disrepute and/or gross misconduct.
2.6 Respect for the Environment “Leave No Trace” principles apply.